Types of Hair Extension


The first type of hair extensions are tape in extensions. This is considered one of the common ways of hair extension that are used by the majority. This involves the use of a tape to glue hair to either side of your natural hair using some heat. Another thing is that installing them does not take too long. Apart from that tape in extensions can last for a long period of time with proper care and you don’t even need to visit the salon for adjustment or maintenance. Remember not to use heavy conditioners as they can cause the extension to slip. Get more information about Hair extensions.

The second type of hair extensions are clip in extensions. They involve the use of clips to attach hair in any part of the head. These are temporary types of hair extensions that are primarily used when you want to fix your hair for an event like a party or a wedding ceremony. These types of hair extensions occur in different sizes, colors, textures, and styles meaning they can serve all purposes. Apart from that, the clips can be placed anywhere in the head there is no specification. This is an advantage as they can be put and taken out anytime that you want. For more information about the Clip in hair extensions, follow the link.

Another type of hair extension is called micro-link extensions. They can also last for a few months but not as clip in extensions. This type of hair extensions, the hair is aligned around the head and attached with a metal bead. These beads make it possible for you to move the extension either up or down depending on what you want. You should also take precaution not to apply heavy conditioner as it may make the beads to slip. Metal beads require some little heat to be set up.

We also have weft extensions. This type of extension is applied through the bundles of natural hair by making some stitches. The stitches can either be made using hand or a machine. You find the stitches made by the machine are closer to the tip of the hair while the one made by hand is closer to the head. This type of hair extension can last for some time. It is important to note that weak hair cannot use weft extensions since weak hair cannot be stitched.

The last type of hair extension is known as fusion extension. This is considered the most expensive hair extension procedure. But the advantage with it is that once it is fixed it does not require maintenance practices. You find that in this one the extensions are fused to the hair using glue or keratin using a hot tool. The process takes long since the strands are bonded one by one. These extensions can last even for five months if taken care of properly.


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